Veronique Fox-Baret Common Entrance Educational Tutor
Veronique Fox-BaretCommon Entrance Educational Tutor

Common Entrance Tutoring Benefits


-Children acquire deep-seated lifelong study skills and gain firm educational foundations


-Children become more autonomous,self-reliant and self-confident.


-I hope to guide parents and children through the whole educational process in an objective and agreeable way.


-The thirst and love for learning through growth, exchange, discovery is awakened...I have created many of my own creative games which are fun, educational and deepen the two way teaching-learning bond, (10 Word Game/10 fascinating Facts/The Magic Bag/Shared Composition etc).


-I actively encourage and challenge every child to develop their full potential irrespecitve of any previous assessments based on age or apparent ability.


-With active co-operation and hard work from the student, I am able to achieve the best possible standard of attainment.This is my promise and is totally unrelated to race, religion or background.

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